Laurie Breitner
It’s not’s experience

I’ve been solving complex business problems as a hands-on consultant since 1991. That’s a lot of problem solving. So if I am quick to see solutions, it’s probably because I’ve encountered a similar situation before.

I offer not only perspective and long-term planning, but also support in integrating tactical solutions. I can help you expand quickly, make a smooth transition, pivot in the face of change, improve your systems and procedures, and acquire the skills and—just as important—the confidence you need to move forward and become more profitable.

The experience I bring to my work is broad and deep. My career spans nearly four decades and has included leadership positions in an array of industries and settings: insurance, financial services, pharmaceuticals, shipping, construction, manufacturing, retail, education, the arts, community service, and advocacy. That real-world experience is complemented by an MBA, an MA in education, and a BA in psychology (all from the University of Massachusetts).
What clients say
“We are vastly better prepared for change”

Laurie's common-sense approach to strategic planning, change management, process improvement, and IT analysis has been on target, insightful, and a huge benefit for our company. By offering systematic techniques, she has helped us to tackle tough issues. She has allowed us to learn new skills, remember old ones, and apply those skills effectively. As we confront the inevitable transitions all businesses face, I feel we are vastly better prepared to conquer and even take advantage of change. —Skip Matthews, President, Louis & Clark Drugs

“I feel much more confident leading the company”

Working with Laurie to create a business plan for our company was a great way to understand our business from an organizational and systemic perspective. By doing the assignments she created for us, I learned so much about how to plan and organize our business that I feel much more confident and comfortable leading the company in the years ahead. —Deb Gilburg, President, Gilburg Leadership, Inc.

“Laurie helped the company grow from 25 to 225 employees”

DMS engaged Laurie at a critical time in our development. As COO, she played a key technical role, supporting the company in contract negotiations, evaluating business processes and planning, and implementing business transitions. Laurie's broad skill set helped the company's significant growth from 25 to 225 employees over a three-year period. —Robert Bonsall, CEO, Disability Management Services

“A superb project manager”

Laurie is great at grasping complex business situations and helping put in place appropriate people, resources, and systems. She is a superb project manager. Laurie has helped Southworth Company:

  • Define information needs for a sales and marketing unit and evaluate technology solutions.
  • Analyze our complex work and shift schedule, recommend alternatives, and make the transition to a more appropriate staffing model, including revamping our hiring process for hourly workers.
  • Define, develop, and initiate implementation of a comprehensive training program for paper mill staff.
  • Develop company and department business plans by supporting and helping lead our annual three-year strategic planning process. —David Southworth, President, Southworth Company
“The no-nonsense answers I am looking for”

Laurie is my first call when I encounter business issues with which we have little or no experience or lack confidence to handle properly. I trust that based on her diverse experiences in business and in life, she will give me the accurate, no-nonsense answers or perspective I am looking for. I appreciate that if she doesn't know the answer, she has a business associate in her network to contact for the answer and she will get back to me. She has also become a trusted sounding board for me when I need to check my perception of and reaction to an issue. She is able to advise and guide me without telling me what to do, and I have learned new skills by working with her. I sincerely appreciate our relationship; I can't image trying to navigate all the complex business issues we have encountered without her help. I just can't! —Sandy Perron, Co-owner, Boyden & Perron

“Laurie knows the right questions to ask”

Not only does Laurie know the right questions to ask, she really listens to the answers. She can take all the information I provide and put things into easy-to-understand, logical order. She helped us look at all our systems and procedures and showed us methods to make things easier. I have a better understanding of the operation of the company as a whole—inside operations and outside sales—because of her work. I highly recommend her services. —Kathy Selvia, President, New England Promotional Marketing

“A highly effective researcher and analyst”

Laurie is a teacher and mentor; she shares insight, perspective, experience, strategy, and real-life problem-solving skills. She is a comprehensive and highly effective researcher and analyst. Her processes, procedures, and forms put us at ease and gave us a path to chart as we work to realize our goals; they are an integral part of her instruction. —Melissa Alosso, VP Operations, Relax U

“Laurie’s straight talk and suggestions help me stay focused”

Working with Laurie makes me believe I can succeed with my business; I am more confident with each step I take. I chose to work with Laurie before investing in advertising and other business promotions, and I’m glad I did. She helped me develop a solid plan for my business. If I find myself second-guessing decisions, I call Laurie. She doesn’t sugarcoat. Her straight talk and suggestions help me stay focused. I recommend her services to owners who want to grow their businesses and be more profitable. —Nancy J. Perman, Custom Embroidery

“Laurie taught us practical ways to build a sound foundation”

Pioneer Valley Photovoltaics is a worker-owner cooperative building healthy, sustainable communities by promoting renewable energy systems. Laurie taught us practical ways to build a sound business foundation, avoid setbacks, and focus our efforts to achieve our goals. —William Stillinger, General Manager, Pioneer Valley Photovoltaics (PV)2

“Great professionalism and dedication”

Laurie has demonstrated her great professionalism and dedication to this challenging project. She played a critical role to bring a successful result within budget and schedule by combining technical competence in XML, business writing catered to a specific audience, and an understanding of complicated software. This project benefited from Laurie’s tireless enthusiasm to accommodate changes and endless creativity to find the best solution. We look forward to working with her in the future. —D. J. Gardner, Managing Director, Fed Ex Trade Networks