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Karen Utgoff and I blog to stimulate discussions to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders start and grow strong for-profit and not-for-profit businesses. The ideas presented come from our many years of experience and occasionally those of invited guest contributors.

Succeeding in Small Business
Sharing Lessons Learned From Clients, Colleagues & Friends

Jeanne Yocum and guest contributors—including Karen Utgoff and me—offer observations and suggestions for small business owners.


Thriving: Get and keep your business on track (pdf) Originally published June 2008

Businesses are more profitable when their owners regularly ask and systematically answer two questions: What’s making money? What’s dragging down the bottom line? Doing more of what isn’t working or striking out in every possible direction hoping something will click is unlikely to help. Success requires focus, discipline and commitment.


Avoid common mistakes that derail success (pdf)

Have you wondered why your employees are not getting on board to help you achieve your company’s goals?

Is your company ready for its first salesperson?

Many small businesses start out with the owner as salesperson; who is a better spokesperson? Although this practical approach works well at first, other responsibilities can overtake the capacity of an owner/salesperson and hinder company growth. This key hire can have a tremendously positive impact on company performance.


Remarks on managing change, UMass Family Business Center, 2005